Welcome To Beaver Creek Soaps

Welcome to Beaver Creek Soap Co in Lake Oswego. Here in Oregon the winters are long, chilly, and wet. On a cold and wet morning, there is nothing as comforting and invigorating as getting the day started with a hot, soapy, steamy shower filled with the essence of Peppermint, Paradise Found, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, or which ever Soap Bar I am using that day. The Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, in every bar of our handmade soaps, lathers to the feel of rich, yummy, whipped cream, giving a sense of delicious luxury.

The comment I hear most often when we are out doing shows with Beaver Creek Soaps is that they are just too pretty to use but I don’t want you to buy our soaps to just put them in your bathrooms because they look and smell so wonderful. I want you to experience the luxury of real, handmade, artisan designed soaps, crafted with rich oils and exotic butters. So…I’ve designed an “every day” soap bar just for you; Chunky Soap Bars, made with the same luscious ingredients as our Luxury Artisan Soaps, just with a little less decoration but never with less luxury.

Discover the feel of real luxury with Beaver Creek soaps, Shea butter body creams, and Whipped Sugar Scrubs.

Sharon Lamberth